Bath Time Blues

My baby girl has always loved her bath right from birth. She basked in the comfort of her warm bath water and could have splashed and relaxed in there all day.

Even as she got older and graduated to the big tub, she splish splashed and loved every minute of her bath time routine (even when I poured water over her head to wash out the shampoo).

She loved water so much, we began to go swimming once a week with some other moms and babies. She floated and played in the water and even giggled a bit when the pool attendants turned on the water fountain that sprayed water everywhere.

Then on May Long Weekend, Eva had an unfortunate run-in with the lake. What was this traumatic act you ask? Well, it was DIPPING HER TOES IN THE LAKE WATER! *Gasp!!! This was her reaction.

I didn't think too much of it, but that night when I went to give her a bath and wash off all the sand, she had a little freak out being in the bath water. Whaaaa?? Ok, maybe the beach wasn't the greatest idea but she'll get over this sooner or later....right?

Nope. She HATES her bath now. She screams bloody murder when I put her in the tub. Her baths now consist of 3 minutes of scrubbing her clean, then I pull her out and spend 20 minutes calming her down. Steve and I have been trying everything to get her to like her bath again, even putting her in the shower with us to get her clean. She liked it before the "lake incident" but she now hyperventilates in the shower. I will be holding her and Steve will turn on the water and just the sound of the water being turned on makes her grab hold of my arms for dear life. As I walk closer to the shower with her in my arms she starts breathing heavily and whining. The closer she gets to the water, the louder her breathing and whining gets and once shoved in the water she's screaming at the top of her lungs.


What is so dang traumatic about dipping your toes in the lake water?


Anonymous said...

haha I love this post, you're such a great writer! Maybe she just thinks that all water is going to be freezing now and can't get rid of that memory?? Poor little girl (and poor Mom) hopefully she gets over that soon! Hope to see you soon!

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