But On the Bright Side....

Summer is a really great time to be a mom. I've had more fun with Eva this summer than I've had all year.

We've spent long, hot, lazy days dipping her chubby little feet in the pool,
running around through the splash park, long walks in the morning to get Starbucks, play dates, swings, slides, ice cream and slurpee's....

To my dismay I went back to work last week for 3 days a week. The first work day I spent inside the cold, air conditioned mall I wept inside that I wasn't taking my girl to the park or the pool. The only thing that gives me a little peace about being back at work, is that I'm only in 3 days.

The other 4 days of the week I can still play with my girl in the grass, watching her trying to pick up ants and quivering at the prickliness of the grass.

I love her innocence and curiosity (and her chubby toes curling up in the grass).


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