25 Things You Didn't Know About This 25 Year Old

1. I am a food whore. If I had to choose ONE last meal before I die, I couldn't do it. I LOVE a good bowl of pasta, a delicious medium rare steak with a lobster tail and butter, and if I could create the most perfect Indian meal it would be Karma's Chicken Korma, Taj Mahal's Papri-Chat, and Dan Kremer's homemade Naan bread.

2. I didn't have my first kiss until I was was 17, but it was with a boy I had had a crush on since I was 10 years old. It was pretty great. We made out in his car until 6am ;)

3. What I didn't tell you about my first kiss was that I had to get REALLY drunk to overcome my nerves. I puked later.

4. My husband totally one-upped me with his first kiss...he was 13, in Mexico, in an orchard, at midnight, under the stars with an exotic Mexican girl. And I puked after mine.

5. I was in dancing from grade 3 until the end of grade 12. I wish I could say I was as good as the SYTYCD crew....but alas...I was not. I did however get picked to be Belle in our Beauty and the Beast dance when I was 12. I felt awesome.

6. I strongly dislike raw onions, green and red peppers, pineapple that is cooked and cinnamon in savory dishes.

7. I was a geek in Jr. High.

8. I somehow became cool in Grade 10.

9. When I was a teenager I LOVED the Backstreet Boys. I had all their tapes (I didn't get a CD player until I was 15), I had posters of Nick and AJ up in my room, and I went to their concert when I was 15. My best friends mom accompanied us.

10. I read almost every single Sweet Valley Twins book and owned a huge collection of Babysitter's Club books.

11. #9 and #10 probably contributed to my geekiness in Jr. High.

12. I married the love of my life. He too was a geek in school. Kindred Spirits.

13. I've worked in customer service jobs for the last 8 years and I secretly hate it. I can't wait to teach.

14. I have 3 piercings and I used to have my ears stretched to a size 2.

15. I am a great cook and make new recipes every week.

16. I suck at baking. I always forget ingredients.

17. I've read 16 books this year.

18. I've never read the whole Bible, but I am working my way through a One-Year Bible. I've almost made it through January, and it's taken me over a year to do it. Shameful.

19. I can sew, cross-stitch, make hook and latch rugs, but I've never been able to crochet or knit. My fingers are useless that way.

20. I'm not sure how I ever thought I had enough art talent to go to art school, since all we ever did in high school art class was enter poster contests. I got Honorable Mentions once.

21. My best friends mom always called me her "adopted daughter" as a kid, and to this day I still feel like she's a mom to me. My husband sometimes thinks of her as his mother-in-law.

22. I married a musical genius, but I'm completely tone deaf and can't sing for crap. We make fun of my singing all the time. I won't sing in church if the music isn't loud enough to drown me out.

23. I used to think the sexiest part of my body was my stomach. But now I'm too busy makin' babies, so it's probably my eyes. Or my hair.....somedays.
24. My husband became REALLY good friends with my ex-boyfriend who was my only serious boyfriend besides my husband. I became REALLY good friends with my husbands best friend - turned crush - turned fell in love with her. We all have quite healthy fruitful friendships now.

25. I'm deathly afraid of spiders, tarantulas, bee's and snakes. I would NEVER go on Fear Factor.


Cass said...

I read the Sweet Valley Twins and Babysitter's Club books too!! I also share your intense fear of spiders, bees and tarantulas. Oh, and snakes...I used to be afraid of snakes, but now I'm totally paranoid of snakes...since I woke up one morning with one wrapping itself around my head! Happy birthday to you and Eva!

Kindra said...

Sad thing about being so enthralled with SV Twins and BSC is that I wouldn't read ANYTHING else. I just discovered the wonders of the Chronicles of Narnia about 4 years ago...I remember trying to read it when I was 10, because I had forgotten my SV Twins book and I was all "Where's the make-up, boys, gossip and intense girl drama?...this book sucks."

Luckily I have much better taste in books now :)

Cass said...

I luckily discovered the wonder of Narnia prior to SV Twins, so I didn't miss out on that, but I just discovered Madeline L'Engle, so I understand that lacking...

I too have better taste in books...usually ;)

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