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A Word of Advice:

Don't assume that your baby's 50 SPF sunscreen is preventing you from getting a tan, and then put on Tan Accelerator meant for tanning beds that has NO SPF and then stay outside for 3 hours.

It will hurt later.


MyUtopia said...


Cass said...

That sounds incredibly unpleasant. I was checking out Erika and Arden's blog, and decided to creep about her linked blogs, and came across yours...and just spent the last 90 minutes reading your archives. Congrats on the forthcoming baby!! Oh, and Eva is so freakin' adorable, it's ridiculous!!

Kindra said...

Thanks for checking stuff out my blog Myutopia and Cass! And I have to agree...Eva is quite ridiculously cute ;) I'm pretty biased though.

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