The Good 'Ol Days

Lately we've been setting aside Sundays as Family Day. It's a great concept in theory, but sometimes hard for a busy family to make work. The weather has been so gorgeous lately, it's hard not to make it work though.

Two Sunday's ago we went for the day to the mountains. It's gorgeous and mountainey. We walked along the glacial lake.

Eva ate rocks.

...Then she cried when I dared put her ON the rocks.

She was much happier when we started playing with long as she wasn't sitting on those rocks.

But look how nice those rocks are. All smooth and pretty.

Okay, enough with the rocks. Onto the waterfall.

We also had a delicious picnic of BBQ'd steak (made by Steve) and a few salads.

Eva and I played in the grass while Daddy got supper ready, and she goobed all over me.

We polished off the day with some frozen yogurt and a trip to the park. Eva couldn't get enough of the frozen yogurt and was quite upset when we didn't share with her.

What a lovely day.

This past Sunday was just as lovely as we had a little mini-golf showdown between us and the Esselmont family.

They kicked our asses by the way.



LIAM said...

greg looks soo short in that picture. its like he has 1 foot legs..haha

Kindra said...

I never noticed that before...haha...stumpy legs.

MyUtopia said...

Very cute! I love the picture of her eating the rock! I can totally see my son doing that. I am taking him to Lake Huron this fall to my grandmothers place, I can't wait!

Kindra said...

Myutopia - I find it quite hilarious that babies explore their environment with their mouths. Just checkin' out the action one rock and blade of grass at a time.

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