Case of the Blues

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Take a look at these Exhibit's. Nice pictures. Cute baby. Nice white shirts in each on of them. Then consider these Exhbits, along with their other white counterparts, such as bibs, shirts and wash cloths, being thrown into the wash....with a BLUE bag....from it's full of FRESH, WONDERFUL, DYE.

These Exhibits now look like this:
Including (if you'll notice) the white blouse she wears under all her dresses (Exhibit A), the nice Gap onesie on the right hand-side which matches up to Exhibit D, and the butterfly shirt on the right that matches up to Exhibit B, and the BRAND NEW BIRTHDAY SHIRT that my friends Bree and Adam went out of the way to send her that she has only had a chance to wear once in the middle matches up to Exhibit C (!)

This all happened yesterday when I was at work and my Mother-in-Law wanted to do me a favor by doing the load of whites that was sitting next to the washer. She looked so sad and sheepish I couldn't be mad...."Kindra, I really wanted to help you out and do a nice thing for you...but I did something bad" and like a puppy with her tail between her legs she grabbed the pile of now blue clothing and plopped it before me. I sorted through them in horror...."Oh, that cute blouse she wears under all her dresses....her NEW shirt! MY NEW SHIRT!" (Yes I was given a new white shirt for my birthday) One by one my heart dropped further into my knees, as I pulled shirt after favorite shirt from the pile only to see it dyed easter egg blue. "OH! Her tights even!"

My Mother-in-Law offered to buy her some new white shirts, and 10 minutes later after the shock and horror wore off, Steve and I sorted through the pile of blue clothes and began to laugh. At least they all dyed really evenly! We can both still wear these things! And because she had not only shirts in there, but a pair of tights too, everything matches!

So here is "ODE TO BLUE":

"Mommy? Why am I dressed all in blue?"

Blue Mother with Blue Daughter in all their blue glory...

...Funny thing is I actually like my shirt better now that it's blue.

And I'm not just lookin' on the bright side of things. (Or is that the blue side of things?)


Cass said...

That's crazy. It all looks intentionally blue. If I were to accidentally dye something blue, it would look like an easter egg threw up on the shirt, but you lucked out, and everything thing looks great!

Vanessa said...

Everything does look great. It's wonderful that everything dyed evenly. Who knows, maybe now you'll take up dying on a regular basis!

Kindra said...

I really am grateful they dyed so evenly...and I've had quite a few comments on my new blue shirt already!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I love this post so incredibly much! That's awesome that you can laugh about it. Just like the other comments, it is amazing that the dye spread evenly and great that you can still use all of the clothes! Tarilie

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