Domestic Goddess

On top of working three days a week, I've been incredibly domestic lately. It feels kind of good to release the womanly/wifely/motherly side of myself. Here's what I've been up to:

1. Sewing - lots and lots of sewing. After sewing up some squares of flannel for a friend who is also a cloth diaperer, I decided that it was a brilliant idea and that I should jump on the homemade cloth wipes train. I cut up about 8 old receiving blankets, sewed them into lovely soft baby wipes and then put them in a cute basket on Eva's change table. The homemade wipe solution (1 cup of water, 1 tbsp baby wash and 1 tbsp baby oil) smells incredibly soft and deliciously baby with the lavender baby wash and aloe vera baby oil I used. I get freakishly excited to change a diaper now.

2. Cooking and Recipe Searching - I literally go searching for recipes everyday. I can't stop. I get a thrill out of cookbooks and recipes, and discovering a gem. I've enjoyed the new challenge of working until 6 pm three days a week and coming up with fast meals that can be done in minutes of getting home, or having a delicious smelling meal waiting for me in the slow cooker. I've discovered a slow cooker is good for more that just overcooked meat.

3. Organizing - I love being organized but I am such a DISORGANIZED person. It seems anything food related gets my engines revved up to organize though, and I created a personalized grocery list that all I have to do is check items off. I even arranged it so that each category is in the order that we walk through our regular grocery store. I've always been a meal planner, picking the meals for the week and making a grocery list based on the ingredients needed, but my new grocery list makes me even more anal and prepared. I've also scrubbed out my fridge and created specific areas for everything to go, including a snack drawer full of healthy grab-and-go snacks like yogurt, bags of carrot sticks and fruit that is washed and ready to go. My laundry isn't folded, the baby's toys are all over the floor and both my bathrooms need a good solid cleaning, but name anything food related and I'm all over it.

Hence, the lack of posting. I'm too busy being a dork.


Anonymous said...

Great post, I was wondering what had happened to you, haha. Sounds like you've been really busy and having a great time!

audrey said...'s so funny because my laundry is perfectly folded, my bathrooms are spotless and my baby things are always put away...yet I have absolutely NO idea what we will be eating this week. So funny!

Kindra said...

Haha. I seriously think if I wasn't teaching I would become a Professional Meal Planner.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!! You should hire your talent out to people! I would hire you for sure!

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