Can I Have a Do-Over On This Week?

Not only did I come down with a nasty cold so my nose is raw and red and my eyes are puffy and swollen, but my baby is getting over a cold as well. She has been bitten by a "WHINEY" bug and while I was chocking it up to her cold, I'm pretty sure it's over now and she's just developed some Toddler 'Tude..."Don't help me, don't pick me up if I don't want to be picked up, don't tell me not to touch that, and DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT OR I WILL RAGE ON YOU!" My husband and I want our pleasant baby that listens to us and smiles and cuddles and babbles in a ridiculously cute fashion back...this baby I want to send back to the manufacturer (Oh...that's me).

On top of it all, a month ago she discovered she liked a soother. She hadn't cared at all about it for 12 months of her life, and now it's her new best friend. At first it was this nice little comfort, so she would come and cuddle with us and settle her down when she was it's glued to her face and dagnabit if you so much as go near it she will let you have it. We are really wanting to break this habit, but I have to have a good solid 3 days in a row where I can throw them in the garbage and put up with her incessant whining, but after the week I've had, I have no desire to even touch the issue.

The days I worked this week were hectic and chaotic. The optical place I work at has had it's lab down for nearly a week and a half and customers are starting to get downright nasty. One of my co-workers was told on the phone she was a "screw up and a failure" for not having her glasses in an sure don't mince words lady! I've had more than one person demand refunds as well as many an evil glare from any lab person working to get our lab back up and running. Stress and tension are running rampant in that place.

Since I've been sick and working, my house is in shambles and my dad is coming for a weekend visit tomorrow. Somehow I have to plug my dripping nose and blink back the tears from my watery eyes and get this place in order before he comes.

At least Whiney McWhiney-Pants is in bed for the evening and I don't have to go back to work for 3 days.


audrey said...

Ohhh. That sounds McNasty. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I hope that you were feeling well enough to have a great visit with your Dad!


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