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Here's my 25.5 week belly
I've been meaning to take this pic for the last couple of weeks, but I never seem to think of it when it's daylight or when my husband is home. This thing is growing, and I'm REALLY starting to feel pregnant now. There's starting to be a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone, creating the inevitable pregnant waddle. I also have a fight with heartburn EVERY DAY. I love it. Really I do.

I've been babysitting my friend's 13 month old baby twice a week, and my baby combined with her baby makes for some very busy toddlers. When one of them doesn't find trouble, the other one is sure to find it....with the other one close behind. I feel like I'm constantly saying "Don't touch that!", "Don't go in there", and the inevitable "NO!". At the end of the day of chasing after those two and hauling my pregnant butt around I'm exhausted. Despite the frustrations, it is really great looking after Brooklyn. Eva and him have such a good time together and keep each other entertained. The cutest is when they make each other laugh. While I look after my Brooklyn twice a week for my friend, she helps me out by looking after Eva once or twice a week. It really is a good deal all around.

In my spare time, besides sewing, crafting, cooking or hanging out with my fam, I blog of course. My food blog has been a bore lately...not only to me, but also to my readers (all two of them) since I was getting about 10 hits per week. I felt I needed to change things up, do something I care about, and make something useful for others. Recipes are a dime a dozen on the internet, so I decided to take it from being a plain ol' recipe blog, to a menu planning blog. Since I'm completely obsessed with meal planning I thought I could shed a little light on the subject and hopefully help others out. I'm really excited for this new change. Check it out.

When googling on a blog search today, I discovered that there really isn't a blog devoted to meal planning*. Hopefully my new blog will be a bit more useful. I also discovered when I searched for "amen lets eat" that there is another blog by exactly the same name. Not that it's a big change, but I changed the name to "Amen...Now Let's Eat!" I really didn't want to deviate too far from the original name since I like that my domain name corresponds...but I still thought I should set myself apart.

So I guess that catches you up to speed on all the latest.

*Upon further inspection, there ARE blogs devoted to meal planning. But not many. I hope to set myself apart by being quite detailed.


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful! I checked out your new blog, it's amazing! I can't wait to try some of the recipes! AND I'm finally feeling better so we'll have to plan a visit for sometime this next week!

Jules said...

your lil baby bump looks so cute! I am getting that little bmp now too! Along with the REALLY sore boobs and not to mention still gagging some days! But its all worth it right!? Your new cookin blog looks fab! Love what you did with it and hopefully I can get some quick easy cookin tips from you since I to and watching a few kids during the day but also working evenings... Cant wait for my year off!!!

Kindra said...

Tarilie - Thanks for the compliment on the new blog. Let me know if you do try any of the recipes and what you think. Can't wait to get together soon!

Jules - Gotta love being pregnant hey? At least sore boobs and sickness pass...then you get to deal with heartburn and hemorrhoids and back pain! Hope you find some of the stuff on the new food blog useful!

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