Greek Feast...OPA!

I'm behind! I'm behind!

I forgot to post about our Greek night in August and we just had our Spanish Tapas last night. Eek. I'll play catch up.

August was Greek Night....Oh how I love Greek food! Besides OPA Souvlaki in the mall, and the Broken Plate in Calgary (amazing by the way), I hadn't really eaten a lot of Greek food though. How can you go wrong with all that oregano, garlic and lemon? My tastebuds are singing just thinking about slathering tzaziki on...pretty much anything.

Anyways, the Secret-Secret Geography Club tackled this meditteranean culture's cuisine in August when all the produce was fresh and ripe from people's gardens...perfect timing. I busted out this Kopanisto dip, which is a roasted red pepper and feta combination and it's delicious! Funny thing is, I hate red pepper and I'm not a huge fan of feta...yet roast and puree them together and I'm slathering it on a pita faster than you can say OPA!

I of course, also had tzaziki sauce for dipping, but I copped out and didn't make it from scratch. I just went to OPA Souvlaki and bought a big tub of it...I figure why mess with a good thing?

When I was at the Broken Plate I tried some amazing Keftedes (Greek meatballs) and HAD to come home and recreate them. After trial and error for almost a year, I perfected the recipe and came up with these delectable little morsels. Served with plenty of tzaziki of course.

I probably could have eaten that whole bowl myself. In the spirit of "sharing" I did give them up though...but only a couple.

Lisa whipped up this fresh and wonderful Greek salad with many an item from her own garden. Fresh and delicious.

Dan's carnivorous ways, makes him gravitate to always preparing the main meat dish...this month was a Greek Lamb Stew with Feta. I think my husband ate half this casserole dish himself. And I'm not even exaggerating.

These little guys are Hot Pepper Pickled Vegetables. My Dad makes them and gives us plenty of jars since we love them so much. In my research of Greek food, I discovered his recipe is exactly the same as "Greek Pickles". So I brought them and showcased my Dad's talent with a canning jar.

And rounding out our evening last but not least, is the flaky, sweet, nutty and crunchy Baklava made by Lindsey. I think if we wrapped most things in phyllo pastry, the world would taste better.

There you have it. Go eat some Greek Food. Or come to my house and I'll whip up some Keftedes for you....I'll likely not share, but the smell should satisfy you enough :)


Jules said...

my mouth is watering just reading this! A pregnant lady should never read about such great food, let alone look at pictures, haha... I love greek food and am now craving it bad! Sounds like you guys have fun and eat alot of great stuff's!! Looks tasty :)

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