I Sure Wish Pregnant Women Were Allowed Cold Medication

I was thoroughly looking forward to enjoying not only my weekend but Monday and Tuesday off from work as well...nice chance to get my house in order, rest, and go out for coffee with some friends. And then I go and come down with a cold. Sheesh! I've spent the entire day on the couch with a roll of toilet paper (we don't have kleenex), a box of Vick's lozenges, and a glass of orange juice by my side. Not fun. But I guess it's better that I have time off from teaching, otherwise they'd need to get a sub for the sub. Not cool. I want to keep this job right until December when the Kindergarten teacher comes back.

In other news, not only has my newly established housework routines fallen by the wayside, but my attempt to quit biting my fingernails has failed miserably. I'm back to having sore stubbs. No more cute black nails with white stars....just bloody hang nails and jagged edges. Are there any other horses I can fall off of? You wanna help me get a good thing going and then crush it for me? Actually I'm sure I can do the crushing all by myself.

One area I haven't dropped the ball on is our budgeting. Nope, still going strong there. (Thankfully). I posed a question on Meal Planning 101 for other's to share their grocery budget along with any reasons for that budget. I'm truly fascinated by that question since I do love to save money and be frugal but also love eat exciting, gourmet-ish meals. If you have any comments to make please do...I'd love to hear about your family's budget....because I'm nosey like that ;) I mean...it's for research purposes. Go here and leave your comments.

Alright I'm off to...to....to continue lying on the couch and whining about how much I feel like poo. And possibly summon Steve to get me another glass of juice.

Oh Steve!...


Mrs. Querido said...

Oh, sorry to hear your aren't feeling well. As I have experienced this past week, being sick just plain stinks! I remember having a massive sinus infection when I was pregnant...that was fun! :) I hope you feel better soon!

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