Girl's Night

About a month ago my friend Audrey posted about "Guy's Night" and how our husbands always seem to get their nerdy guy time (complete with several tv's hooked up and synchronized X-Boxes), while we are left to tend to the chitlins....usually that means sitting around chatting while our babies cry, poop and get into things. It's a thrilling time for us women.

This past Saturday the tables turned :)

Audrey had us girls over and we were all BABY FREE! Our men stayed at home and babysat while we enjoyed chick flicks, chocolate and cheese fondue and pedicures. It was so wonderful. There's nothing like sipping on a margarita with your feet soaking in a foot bath while Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray grind their hips to "Hungry Eyes". We all came away with pretty french pedicures courtesy of Audrey with sparkly, girly jewels.

For the past week I've also been trying to kick my 15 year nail biting habit. I figured if I painted my fingernails they wouldn't be so tempting to bite. I got Audrey to help me with the paint on my left hand and for the first time in a week I didn't have black nail polish all over my cuticles.
(This is actually the longest they have been in.....well...15 years)

We need to do more of these baby-free girl outings.


audrey said...

We have to do this so much more! I had so much fun....and it cost practically no money!

Kindra said...

I totally agree! Now if we can just convince the husbands to not only babysit while we are out, but to also clean house, we'll be all set ;)

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