A Close Call

When Eva was an infant and we were making bottles of formula everyday, we relied on a 20 year old steel kettle that heated up on the stove-top to boil our water. I'm ashamed to admit there was more than one occasion when I put the kettle on to boil and got busy doing other things only to realize I could smell METAL BURNING. I would run to the kitchen in a furry to discover a kettle that had boiled dry. The kettle was already old and decrepit, but I had now added "warped" to its list of characteristics which made it emit a long painful howl as water boiled. It was long overdue but we eventually threw it out and replaced it with an electric kettle that had the glorious feature of shutting off automatically after the water had boiled. This has been extremely helpful to me as I've been boiling water daily for Isabella's bottles.

Last night as I cleaned up the kitchen before I went to bed I put the kettle on to boil. It hadn't quite finished boiling yet, but I went upstairs anyway to brush my teeth. As I washed my face I could hear the bubbling of the boiling water and the "click" of the automatic shut off. I drifted off to sleep and didn't give it another thought. Two hours later as Bella woke up for her first feeding I stumbled my way downstairs, bleary eyed and baby in arms to make her a bottle....only to discover A DRY KETTLE. Apparently "the click" I had heard was purely imagined and the automatic shut off had failed. The electric kettle boiled completely dry. HOW DID THIS NOT START A FIRE?! I vibrated with horror as I imagined all the scenarios that could have happened. I have yet to shake the sick sinking feeling that has been in the pit of my stomach all morning. I'm furious with the makers of the kettle for making such an inferior product and I'm furious with myself for not monitoring the boiling process more closely.

I'm also extremely grateful we are all safe and I keep thanking God for keeping the crappy kettle from going up in flames. THANK YOU LORD!

Our second kettle in two years just hit the trash can. We will be getting a new one.


Cass said...

Scary!! You were definitely being looked after in that moment...

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