Non-Ambitious Ambition

I think I spent all my nesting energy on preparing for Christmas. I took a couple days to make a bunch of meals for the freezer, clean out and organize the freezer, and fold my mountains of laundry...but that was almost a week ago and since then I've been spending my days perched on the couch. I can't seem to fall asleep before 2am (sometimes 5 or 6am), so it makes me really tired during the day. I look around and still see things I'd like to accomplish before the baby comes, but motivation is definitely lacking. I convince myself that the best way to prepare for the baby's arrival is to save up my energy for labor...which basically means watch t.v., browse the internet and eat all the leftover chocolate from Christmas.

One "productive" thing I have done is search for fabric samples online. Eva will be passing on her baby bedding in the next few months and graduating to a big girl bed, so I've been thinking about making her a quilt instead of buying a comforter set. I have absolutely fallen in love with the fabric samples I picked out and can't wait to get started making the quilt.

They are a mixture of Amy Butler, Alexander Henry, Joel Dewberry and Heather Bailey fabrics. I actually thought it wouldn't be that hard to make a quilt...I once cut up a bunch of jeans and "made" a jean quilt. But after I sewed all the squares together I gave it to my boyfriend's mom and she did the actual "quilting" by putting it all together. I figured it couldn't be that hard. I watched a bunch of "How To" video's on youtube and I realized I know absolutely nothing about quilting and that I may be in over my head...but I am so in love with the fabrics I can't imagine just buying her a bed-in-a-bag.

Maybe just to practice, I'll get some of these Paula Prass fabrics and make some smaller quilted items. How cute is that bird in the left corner?

Or maybe I'll just be a new mom adjusting to life with a toddler and a new baby and I'll be lucky if I get to take a shower. We'll see.


audrey said...

OOhh lala. I love Paula Prass. Did you know you can get some of her stuff at the Cozy Cottage in Calgary? Cute fabrics...maybe you could just take a quilting class sometime?

Kindra said...

Thanks for the suggestions Audrey. Did you ever find fabric for the windows in your kitchen?

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