Your Going to Have to Endure One More

I know, I'm way behind. Christmas? Really? Yes, you have to read ONE more Christmas post. Then I'll feel like 2008 is really wrapped up, and I can move on to 2009.

Since I was so hugely pregnant, there was no traveling for us this Christmas. Instead my family decided to come here. 6 people plus a dog were crammed into our little place. Once we shoved in the Christmas tree (finally got it up the night of December 23rd) and a shwack-load of gifts it looked like Santa Claus threw up Christmas in our living room.

We got Eva this adorable Eva-sized poang chair from Ikea. She looks ridiculously cute in it.

It was interesting to have a baby who was more aware of what was going on this Christmas, and she really got into tearing open the presents. She was spoiled by her Uncle, Grandpa and Mom & Dad, but after all those presents to unwrap she still thought she should help Grandpa with his.

My husband knows me all too well and I cooking themed gifts this year. This is my new T-Fal frying pan that I'm almost peeing my pants over.

And this is the MASSIVE Culinary Institute cooking textbook my husband got for me. He wanted me to have answers to every cooking question I ever have. I love it.

This is the picture we gave my Dad for Christmas. He's telling Eva how much he loves it.

Eva's loving her new chair and blankie. She has her own little nook to read her books now.

And Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without my toddler falling and smashing her head on the corner of a door.

Said "new blankie" was the culprit. She loves it so much she drags it everywhere and tripped.

Here's her goose egg from the side. It looked absolutely ghastly since it was bright purple with a black line in the center. It's a good thing kids are resilient, because it had gone away in less than a week.

We had a lovely Christmas, complete with our new tradition of an Indian feast on Christmas Eve, turkey & all the fixin's on Christmas day and sushi on Boxing Day. We completely grossed out my brother's girlfriend with our maki and raw fish but we all loved it.

The holidays were exhausting but we all survived and enjoyed each other's company.

Here's me and big Bertha.

And one last family picture to commemorate the end of 2008 and the beginning of a fresh new year.


Jules said...

Sounds and looks like you guys had a great christmas!! I will have to remember the sushi thing for next year! Love it, but have never tried to make it yet...! And you probably feel huge, but you look GREAT! I wanna be done already and I still have 3 months left! All the best for your family in 2009!! P.S if I ever need a cooking question answered I will be sure to ask you, with that huge book!!

Kindra said...

Thanks Jules! I know I wanted to be done with the pregnancy months ago too, but now that the deadline is any day I don't feel ready! I just want MORE time to sleep, and MORE time with just Eva, and MORE time with Steve and MORE, MORE, MORE. Haha, I guess it's just the pre-labor jitters.

Mandy said...

Happy New Year to you guys! It looks like you had alot of fun at Christmas. And you look great! I know what you mean about feeling huge though. I am tired of being preggo! Wishing you all the best!

Kindra said...

Mandy I checked out your Christmas and prego belly posts too, and it looks like you guys had a great Christmas as well. I loved the belly cute!

Cass said...

Looks like you had an awesome christmas (giant goose eggs aside). When we have kids, we are DEFINITELY buying the kiddie-sized Poangs!! I love 'em!

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