Out of the Mouths of Babes

I so appreciate the encouragement I have received about my postpartum sadness. I won't call it depression because it is definitely not, and I do not have have postpartum thyroiditis. I'm sure it's just the normal "baby blues" that come over me every once in awhile. From loving comments from friends I am reminded that I don't have to do it all right now. That it's okay to rest and take it easy and not expect so much from myself. So I've been slowing down lately and not feeling guilty about it.

On a particularly bad day last week I lay on the couch wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets letting big fat tears roll down my face. Isabella was upstairs napping peacefully and Eva played contentedly with her toys while I wallowed in sadness. She toddled over to me and asked to be picked up, so we both lay on the couch cuddling together with her head burrowed into my neck. The silence was peppered with my tears until Eva piped up and in her little elf voice said "eye you" (I love you). It's amazing how this parenting thing can sometimes be reversed and in short instances they can parent us instead.

Thanks Eva. Eye you too.


melanie y said...

What a beautiful moment!

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