Starry-Eyed and Cross-Eyed

I'm really sorry, but there will be more gushing. I can't stop with the gushing. The gushing is a product of being surrounded by cuteness and awesomeness all day. At a mere 3 weeks old my precious little bean cracked her first smile. Not just passing gas, not just slipping into a dreamworld of milk, nipples, and paci's, but a big ol' 'hey I'm lookin' at you and life is awesome' kind of smile.

The cuteness factor grows ever larger at she stares into my eyes and just can't seem to totally focus. I love the cross-eyes.


Vanessa said...

Your kids have the deepest, happiest dimples of any baby I've seen! I love it when they go cross-eyed! Liam's eyes actually would point in opposite was pretty funny!

Kindra said...

Haha, that's awesome. Yep, the cross eyes are my favorite, as are the "I'm totally drunk on milk right now" eyes. Babies are the best.

Anonymous said...

Ohh this is too cute!!

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