Sick 'uns

Last week before we left Vancouver Isabella's eyes looked red and watery. By the time we arrived home she had developed a full blown slimey, green, snot-running-from-her-eyes eye infection. While it doesn't phase her at all during the day and she is her regular joyful self....nighttime is a different story.
Since the eye infection she has decided to revert back to a newborn schedule with her night feedings, waking up EVERY 3 HOURS. Are you kidding me? One phase of newborn wakings a year is my quota....twice in the matter of months and I stop functioning like a human being.

Yesterday after Isabella's 4am feeding I tossed and turned and realized, yes indeed I WAS WIDE AWAKE. By the time I was tired again there was no point in going back to bed since Isabella would be awake and demanding another feeding in no time. So I stayed up and folded laundry and washed dishes and baked bread....all before 9 am. It's a good thing I was so productive so early in the morning. By early afternoon Eva woke early from her afternoon nap to tell me "hurt". When I asked where it hurt she just flopped her head on my chest. All the sudden she threw back her head and BARFED ALL OVER ME. Stinky curdled milk barf. On me.

Despite my own urge to hurl, I managed to get us both cleaned up, get another load of laundry going and curl up on the couch with my girl and some movies. Neither of us moved until another round of bile made Eva lunge her shoulders forward and me make a mad dash with the bucket. That's pretty much how the rest of our afternoon and evening went. More changes of clothes, more laundry, and more episodes of Seinfeld.

We've had no explosions today, but after a rough night of sleep with Isabella and bad naps from both girls today, this Mom needs a latte.

And maybe a shower.


Anonymous said...

awww lol maybe a shower? hope the girls are better soon!

mommaruth said...

both babies sick? that's just cruel punishment on the universe's part! the worst thing in the world is trying to get a t-shirt over your head when it's covered in barf! your girls are gorgeous - even when they're sick! hope everyone feels better soon : )

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