Anchors Away

I bought Eva the most adorable nautical red shoes with anchors on them. I found them online from a lady in town for only $2. Eva thought they were the greatest things ever.

She's such a girl in every sense of the word. She LOVES shoes and is constantly saying "shoes?" "shoes!" "shoes on, shoes on, SHOES ON!" as well as "hair, hair HAIR!" and "pony", "brush", "barette? peeeese!"

Combing her hair in nothing but a diaper and her new red shoes.

From the moment I came home with them she said "shoes on" in her teeny little mouse voice so I couldn't resist. She didn't take them off once yesterday, not oven to nap. I heard "clomp, clomp, clomp" everywhere she wasn't until she was in Pizza 73 with Daddy and she barfed all over herself and her new red shoes that she finally agreed to take them off.

They're in the wash now, but as soon as they are back in commission I'm sure I'll hear a tiny "shoes on?"


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