Her Last Day

We celebrated the last day of babyhood with her favourite food.  She clasped her hands together as Daddy prayed for his big girl and her last night as a baby.

She plunged her whole hand into the ketchup cup and licked her fingers off one by one.

She begged me for my burger and tore into it bite by bite.  The thing was bigger than her mouth but she kept at it anyway and refused to give it back, clasping it with sticky red fingers.

We talked and laughed and enjoyed our fresh cut fries together as a family.  But it wouldn't have been a night celebrating Bella without a temper tantrum about needing a drink of water RIGHT NOW.  It was right in front of her.  As we thrust the glass of water towards her, she wanted none of it and instead threw her body on the floor of the restaurant with a big dramatic pouty lip and furrowed brows.

Then she wailed.  And we laughed.  She can be so ridiculous sometimes.

It was so Bella to end the evening in tears.  Her fiery personality can't handle these injustices....injustices like a cup of water just a tad out of reach.  But Daddy scooped her up and talked to her sternly in his Daddy voice and calmed her down the way only he can.  After she silently pouted for a couple minutes, Daddy made a farting noise with his mouth.  The funny noise was too much for her and she burst into giant giggles.  And all was well.

Good night baby girl.  You'll be two in the morning.  


Anonymous said...

Oh my Bella! What a gift u r to this world. And what special parents you have been given. Happy birthday 2 year old girl! You and Kaden are almost twins! It's his 3rd birthday
today! (the 11th). Can't wait to see you soon.
Love Aunty Tor

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Ha! Almost birthday twins like their mommies :) Love you Auntie Tor and birthday boy Kaden!

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