Make it Stop

Today was not yesterday.  Oh how I wish it were yesterday.  Right on the heels of a day of wonderous peace and quiet, I got Today.  Today I wiped the tears from your face and watched those sad eyes gaze up at me begging me to make the pain stop.

And you kicked and you screamed and you cried for over an hour.  You pushed me away when I tried to hug you, so I gave you some space to kick your legs and scream at the top of your lungs.  Drop kicking the air is good for the pain, I do it too sometimes.

Tomorrow's a new day my girl.  That eye tooth will be out before you know it and we can go back to eating markers and singing our ABC's and pushing baby Morgan around in her stroller.

Until then, Momma will be right here.  Ready to hug you and kiss you and make it all better.


Anonymous said...

Oh Bella, Aunty will be praying that those darn teeth push thru and stay thru right away and the pain will subside. Ava is working on 4 molars at the same time too.... So Kin you're not alone. You are a great mom and are doing a terrific job sweets. Love u

Ashley Duiker said...

Oh gosh this made me tear up a little bit! What a lucky girl in spite of the pain to have such a loving momma!

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Victoria - I hope Ava's teething hasn't been too stressful for you or painful for her. I hope those teeth pop through soon!

Ashley - You can totally see the look of shear pain on her face hey? And that single tear sliding down her cheek makes me want to cry too!

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