A Soft and Gentle Touch

It amazes me how we all receive and give love differently. We have our own love languages that we speak and if we aren't looking for someone else's love language we can really be missing out on connection with them.

I've discovered how much my Isabelly loves touch.

She has never been a cuddler; always too busy to sit still and cuddle with her Mama.  But she does look for my shoulder to burrow her face into when she's upset and for my arms to wrap around her body and hold her tight.  She loves tickles and has laughs that erupt from the depths of her belly while asking "more.  more tickows please."

And in the quiet of the afternoon, when she first wakes from a nap and big sister is still sleeping, she rests her head in my lap.  I gently stroke her face back and forth ever so softly.  And she falls into the trance of the rhythmic motion, not daring to move, just soaking up the light and gentle touch that lulls her to relaxation.

While my love language is not touch, I am moved and touched to my soul for how much this girl feels loved.  And how much I love her.


Anonymous said...

U r so right Kin...if we learn each other's love
languages we can experience a whole new level of connection in our relationships. It took me a while to figure out Michael's, but now that I have...so awesome!
Love you Kin. Love reading about what's going on in your life, especially since we don't get to be together often.

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Thanks for all your awesome comments Victoria. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Love u too Kinny!

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