A Tea Party Birthday

My baby girl turned two on the 7th.  She's a joyous little social butterfly with a love of dollies and tea sets so we combined her passions for the cutest little girl's tea party birthday on the 8th.  We woke up early Saturday morning, and the girls smiled so big coming down stairs to a house full of pink and yellow decorations and teeny tiny porcelain tea pots with cups and saucers.

The girls enjoyed their breakfast with Daddy as Mommy made Sweet Biscuits with Homemade Jam for the party.  Isabella's joy could not be contained.  

Isabella's friends braved the snow storm that morning and all came to celebrate our precious girl turning one year older.  They dressed up in princess dresses and crowns, sipped sweet apple tea from their tiny tea cups, and ate more biscuits than I can count.  We lit a birthday candle and stuck it in a biscuit just for Bella.

So as not to smear wildberry jam all over her white party dress, Bella was stripped down to her skivvies and socks and she marched around the house proudly.

My wildberry jam covered girl and her monkey.

Her friends were incredibly generous and she's on present overload having a birthday so close after Christmas.  Nevertheless, excitement abounded that morning.  I love these next two shots of Steve and Eva in the background.

And as a thank you to these special friends who we treasure so much as a part of our girl's life, I made treat bags to look like tea bags.

Personalized of course.  Filled with their own porcelain tea cup and saucer, a raspberry pomegranate tea bag and their own special travel container filled with tea biscuits.

At the end of it all, even though the sugar and the excitement overload caused chaos and tears, we all sat down as a family and savoured the morning.  Our friends who mean so much to us.  Our spunky little girl who loves unabashedly.  

And precious moments to celebrate life together.


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