Rockabye Baby

My Isabelly approaches life with ferocity.  She is passionate and spilling over with intensity.  She does everything big and with gusto. So the fact that she took an interest in baby dolls a few months ago, and within a day her interest became an obsession was not really surprising.  One evening I was putting Bella to bed when she said "baby please".  "You want a baby to sleep with?"  "yeah" That's all it took and she was hooked.  Baby was dragged everywhere around the house, to the dayhome, to church, in the van, to the store and always sleeps with her every night.

Right before Christmas she discovered we had a couple more babies stashed in the toy area.  She now had three little heads poking up between the girth of her little armspan tagging along to all our activities. Three little baby dolls wherever we went.

Then she was given another one for Christmas.  Sigh.  And the cycle continues.

Her passion for babies really has become an obsession and we try to help her control it by only taking one baby to bed every night, while the other three need to be tucked in to their baby doll crib, prayed for and each one kissed on the forehead.  She has a hard time making sure each baby feels equally loved, trying to swap and take turns bringing her babies to bed for naps and bed time.  "Which baby do you want to take to bed Belle?"  "Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Pink one."   "Okay, say goodnight to the other babies" I say as I tuck them in to their crib, when her face will scrinch up and she'll yell "Ohhhh but YELLOW BABY!"  The pain of letting yellow baby not come to sleep with her and choosing pink one can be such a difficult decision.

Fast forward to the day after her birthday.

Poppa knew she loved babies, and wanted to get her a special one.  Her own cabbage patch doll.  While I really didn't like the idea of her having ANOTHER baby to cart around and be torn up about, I was given a cabbage patch baby when I was about 2 and she was so special.

Belle squealed with delight "BABY!" as she tore into the packaging to uncover a beautiful cabbage patch baby.  Her curly haired piggies smell like baby powder.  I forgot how wonderful cabbage patches smelled.  

As Daddy unwrapped the new baby and handed it to her she said "Oh I love it."

She pranced around for the evening telling me about her new baby Morgan.  "Look panties" she said as she pointed to her silky pink bloomers under the baby's dress.

"She's fancy" Bella said as she walked off hand in hand with her new baby.


Anonymous said...

Oh the wonderful things you will do Bella! You are a beautiful gift from God. Spunky, fierce, and soft too. : )

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