Sick and Tired of Sick

I had high hopes of relaxing and yet accomplishing much on my February break away from teaching.  But just a few days before my Dad went home, I could feel a cold setting in and rattling my bones.  I fought it off while he was here, but pretty much the minute he left, my body succumbed to sickness.

As long as it took to finally settle in and be a Cold, it took twice as long to leave my body.  The television became my children's babysitter while I lay flat out on the couch, willing my body to rest and feel better.

As it always does when sickness sets in, my house fell to shambles.  My kids and I stayed in pajama's all day and we ate ghetto style meals, like toast and bananas, leftover rice and some quickly steamed broccoli.


By now, I'm pretty sick and tired of being sick.


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