I've been so happy that for the most part, Eva and Isabella are the best of friends.  They will ask for each other when the other is not around, run upstairs to play and I'll hear them whispering or giggling together over something.

Yet, of course, there's always a bit of sibling rivalry.  Isabella is a true younger sister and loves to poke at Eva and bug her until she screams.  She will steal something from her and run away smiling and laughing with glee as Eva squeals at her to bring it back.  Eva is a true older sister and is bossy and freaks out when Bella won't do what she wants her to.


After a particularly tough day of arguing between the girls, Steve and I were tucking Eva into bed and praying with her.

Mom and Dad: Eva can you please pray and ask Jesus to help you to be a good sister and friend to Bella?

Eva: Ok.
Dear Jesus,
Please help Bella to stop bugging me.  Help her to be quiet and leave me alone.



Carla said...

That is so typically kid!!! I love it.

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