Book Worm

I'm a lucky mother.  Even though I work, I get to bring my kid with me.  It's been a wonderful (and challenging) year having Eva with me at preschool.  She actually calls me "Teacher Kindra" and she loves to sit in my teacher chair after the kids have gone home and pretend that she's the teacher.  She'll talk to imaginary kids and makes them count and do their abc's and dress Mr. Weather Bear.

I started a new book bag program over a month ago, where I filled bags and back packs with different books that the kids get to take home every week.  Each child has their own duotang to draw pictures and tell me their favorite part of the story.  This was the first day that I sent home book bags for the weekend, and Eva's eyes lit up and slipped the bag over her shoulders with such pride.


They've been a total hit.  Good one "Teacher Kindra".  


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