Independence Day

As you can see by the date, I'm two months behind and trying to play catch up with my favorite pics and stories that I quickly jotted down.  


My little Isabella is growing quickly and displaying fierce independence (which is in huge contrast to her older sister).  If we so much as extend a hand in her general direction, she exclaims "I GONNA DO IT!"


I'm sure if she had been my first child this determination to do things herself would have frustrated me to no end, but since Eva's helplessness frustrates me more I'm welcoming it with open arms.  Sometimes there's a tantrum or two that needs to be diffused, and other times it's absolutely hilarious.

Case in point:
Bella decided on this particular morning that I hadn't changed her diaper fast enough, so while I fixed breakfast for her big sister, she had ripped it off, sauntered into the office to rifle through the clean laundry to find this purple skirt that she pulled on as a shirt and was putting on Eva's apple pajama bottoms to complete the outfit.


She was extremely proud of herself and ran around most of the morning with her bare bum hanging out since she couldn't quite get the pajama's on properly and was refusing my help to fix it.  

Later in the day after nap time, she put on Eva's winter boots and presented me with her leftover bread crusts as a snack for myself.  

"He go Mummy".  

Thanks Belle.  


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