Down on Grandma's Farm

On August 2nd, it will be the anniversary of my mom passing away 9 years ago.  I was still a teenager at the time and she was my everything.  The family member I was closest to.  The one to share with and ask embarrassing questions to.  The connection to my roots; my grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins.  I lost all that when she died.  I didn't get a weekly phone call from my mom, so in turn, lost the updates on family members.  I was too young and immature to keep those relationships alive and vibrant with visits and Christmas cards and the like.

Up until last year, I had only seen my family once since she died.  ONCE.  In eight years.  My Grandma's farm is a 12 hour drive away and last Easter I stopped giving the excuses of not having the time or the money, packed up my girls, and drove.  It turned into such an amazing trip for myself and my girls; I felt this warm embrace of my mom in the familiar surroundings.


Each family member: my Grandma and Grandpa, my Aunt, my Uncles, they all possess qualities of her and I was so moved by seeing her in everyone.

It's easy to forget and go about my day to day living without her, but being surrounded by stories and pictures and my Grandma's laugh that sounds like hers, I just couldn't get enough.

This Easter, I packed up my girls and did it all again.  I've vowed to myself to do this at least once a year; it's good for my soul.  Seeing my Aunt play guitar and sing with my girl, my Grandpa busting out his fiddle and toe tapping his foot as he did since I was a baby, my Grandma making magic in her kitchen....

I need it.  I need it to be reminded of her and how much I am like her.  I need to hear those stories and be wrapped in the memories.

I need my girls to know how amazing their Grandma Wanda was.


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here in the waiting room at emergency(it's a long story but everything is fine) and trying not to cry in front of all these strangers around me.
I remember the day you phoned me to tell me.
I remember it so vividly because I have never experienced intercessory prayer they way I did for you that day. I literally crumpled onto my living room floor in gut wrenching cries for my new, lovely, but hurting friend.
I don't know how long I was there, but it was a while. It was Gods heart for you- Love, hurting for your pain, but yet there was peace in the midst of the emotional caos that poured out that day.

His love for you Kin is so immense. The woman you have become and the legacy of motherhood that you give to your girls is such a wonderful tribute to what your mama blessed you with. So glad to see you found some roots at the farm. Your girls will be blessed to learn about Grandma Wanda and experience the love your family has to offer.
Love you Kin. Hugs. LOVE!


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