The Cat's Out of the Bag

Okay, so I've told some of you, emailed some of you, and some of you probably heard by word of mouth...the cat's out of the bag....I'm pregnant! I'm already 14 weeks and I'm definitely showing a bump (my regular pants are much too tight). It has been a bit of a rough go so far. I've been very sick with morning sickness (which is not aptly named I might add, since it lasts from morning until night). Because I am into the 4th month, I think it may be beginning to let up (well, fingers crossed at least). It's amazing I've made it through a month of my practicum with no mishaps (only one actually and I wasn't teaching at the time thankfully). It's tiring being pregnant, and I seem to come home after school and get about a 2-3 hour nap in, and yet I still sleep perfectly fine at night. Steve makes fun of me, because there are so many weird side effects to pregnancy that whenever I'm suffering from something he knows now to immediately attribute it to the pregnancy. In Steve's words "everything's wrong because you're pregnant!" It seems exaggerated but true. Just to give an example: I had a chronic stuffy nose that just wouldn't go away (2 months now), and just thought it was because it was winter and its dry. Reading through my pregnancy book I discover, OH!'s because I'm pregnant! It won't go away, just get worse as the nine months go on. Not to mention forgetfullness, increased sense of smell, change in tastebuds....the list goes on. It's crazy how many weird side effects you get from pregnancy. Must be all those hormones.

Steve and I have a heard the baby's heartbeat and that was really exciting. It was like 160 beats per minute! (quite a healthy rate I might add). As awful as the side effects can be at times, pregnancy really is wonderful. It's crazy when I stop and think that there's a life growing inside of me....


Mike and Tor said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I wrote you an email a bit ago...but in case you read this first...check your email.
Love you both! Keep us updated on how it's going.

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