The Greatest Sound

This whole process of watching my baby grow before my very eyes has been fascinating and wonderful. Her newest achievement was the greatest of all so far....she laughed!! It was amazing! It was about a week ago...she had been a big fat grump all day, and Steve was holding her and we were talking and laughing with our friend Mark. Eva sounded like she was going to continue her grumping and whining, when all of the sudden she decided to join in and laugh with us! Steve and I were shocked, and it was so amazing we had tears streaming down our faces. We kept looking at her like "what the heck are you doing?" and once she had started she couldn't stop herself. The sound of my baby's laughter is my new favorite sound in the world. It was such perfect baby laughter, it was pure joy.


Mike and Tor said...

Wow - amazing Kin. I can't wait to meet your grumpy bundle of joy...;)
And I also can't wait to hear my own babies laughter for the first time...what a gift.
Thinking of you today - love you Kin. Miss you too.

apaintersmind said...

Can't wait to meet your lil guy! It's so awesome watching them learn. You will love it

arlene said...

It IS the sweetest sound in the world! (Well...actually I must tell you the REAL sweetest sound is a grandbabies laugh...that's even more magical. And yes, it is worth the wait.)

Liam's Grandma Town

kindra said...

Baby laughter is the best ever, and has continued to get sweeter since we can actually MAKE her laugh now, it isn't just random. Whenever Steve or I have a bad day, the other one just makes Eva laugh and it cheers us up right away. You can help but have a smile on your face and a warm heart!

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