A Wonderful Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. Steve and I were away visiting some friends. It was full of friendship, babies/baby talk, good food and laughs. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. My heart was really warm. It was nice for a change in my daily routine. Thank you my friends for such a wonderful time.

While visiting, my baby learned a new trick! She rolled over for the very first time! I was so proud of her. I was beginning to think it would be another month or more before she rolled. Every time I layed her on her tummy, she wouldn't even attempt to roll over. I was hanging out with Audrey, and I placed Eva on her tummy....and she started to lean to one side. Before I had time to wonder what she was doing she had done her first roll over! First try! The sad thing was, Steve wasn't there to witness it. Audrey managed to capture it on video though, so Steve got to enjoy it later that evening.

She got frustrated in these pictures, because she couldn't quite make it over....but she eventually made it....and in the process, peed a lil on Sharon's blanket :)


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