A Sushi-Filled New Years

Oh I'm slacking on here, and it is not for lack of things to say. It is because of lack of energy even to do simple, pointless things like writing down meandering thoughts in a blog. I hope these pills kick in soon...

Ok, where to start. Well, I guess New Years Eve. I had thought I would be all alone with my baby for New Years (sounds like fun don't it?) because Steve had to work until midnight. But it turns out my friends Joel and Lindsey didn't have plans either, so we hung out and made sushi.

It is slightly time consuming and something I have never attempted to make by myself...It is much better to make with friends. We produced some mighty fine sushi I must say!

We made SO much sushi for 3 people...it was a feast. But I loved it.

It was a great New Years. Eva didn't quite make it to midnight though...

New Years day we headed out on a road trip to spend some time with Nathan and Sharon. Oh how I love Sharon. It was such a great visit. We got talking about the previous nights sushi-making and decided it would be fun to do it again! I'm not kidding...ANOTHER sushi feast. This time complete with tempura. We were able to make spicy shrimp tempura maki which is mine and Steve's all-time favorite. Soooo good.

Sharon and I were also sneaky. I had called Greg and Audrey earlier in the day to tell them we would be visiting Sharon and Nathan, so to call us there if Audrey had the baby. No answer. Whenever we call their house and get no answer, we get all giddy and go "maybe they are having the baby!" When Sharon tried to call them later that day and still no answer, we were convinced they must be in labor. Sharon sneakily called the hospital to ask what room Audrey was staying in. The receptionist was like "we don't have her in a room yet, but would you like me transfer you to the floor she is on?", so Sharon of course says yes....A lady answers "Labor and Delivery how may I help you?" We both screamed!!!

So Mr. Liam Gabriel was a New Years baby and he was a whopping 8lbs 15oz. Yay! He's so beautiful, and will make a great playmate in a few months for Miss Eva Jade.

When a New Year is filled with Sushi and a new baby, it must be the start of a good year.

Happy 2008 Everyone!


Anonymous said...

How special! That's awesome that you were able to have a great time. I hope that you get your energy back soon! Tarilie

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