Like I said, my Dad was here last week. His visits are always great. We spend time running all over the city going to cool little shops like the german sausage place, this little cheese shop and the Asian Supermarket. We spend so much time meandering up and down the aisles checking stuff out, pointing out what looks good and what looks weird/gross. It's fun. We cook good food and we chat and play with Eva.

Then there's the games. My dad is an avid game player. We usually ask him to bring some games with him from home, but we have been mildly addicted to Settlers of Catan, so we invited Greg and Audrey to come play while my dad was here. We definitely had a few showdowns. We played 3 times on Sunday, twice on Monday and twice on Tuesday. You'd think we'd be Cataned out...but no. Greg and Audrey bought the Cities and Knights expansion pack so it has taken Catan to a whole new level! (And just for the record....I won 3 times :)

Probably the best part of Dad's trip out here was seeing him play with Eva. Both of their eyes light up, and they are so excited to be with one another. It's precious. Here are some pics of my Dad's trip:


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