Dear Eva,

It has been an amazing journey with you these last 8 months. Watching you grow and change has been nothing short of a miracle.

You started off so incredibly small and delicate. You were perfect. You had pretty little features and made the cutest little newborn yawns, sighs and squeaks. Your Daddy and I both fell head over heels in love with you. You were irresistible.

Within a short month you were giving us big smiles. Our hearts were bursting with every smile you cracked at us. You recognized us. You loved us enough to flash us your big gummy new baby smile.

With every month that passed you became more and more You. You have a sweet disposition and a gentle heart.

When I feed you your bottle you look up at me with your big baby blues. You reach your hand up to touch my face and you gently caress. You run your fingers gently between the strands of my hair. I smile at you, and even though you are drinking, you smile back with the bottle still between your lips.

You are also very goofy.

You are continually making silly noises and faces. You make your Daddy and I laugh. You continue being as cute as can be, all while flashing us a big toothless grin. We can't get enough of you, and when I am having a horrible day, if you smile and laugh your big giggley laugh, I melt. My heart turns to mush. You soften even the worst days.

You are so special to us.

You are continually growing and changing, and each step of the way we are more and more proud to call you our daughter. You light up our life. I almost wish we could stop time and you would never get any bigger, but you will. And I will love it. I'm drinking you in and savoring you just as you are.

I love you so much. You are my precious, beautiful girl.
Happy 8 Month Birthday Eva.

Love Mommy


Jules said...

Happy 8 months Eva!! It's amazing how fast time flys by us hey... and I had to comment on this because you look alot like my good friend amy! And I think you guys are alot alike, she LOVES to cook as well! They have no kids though but I had to throw that out there cause I was kinda shocked at how much you girls look alike!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, soo touching!! Awesome pictures by the way, I love when I get time to check your blog. It is absolutely amazing!!


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