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It's report card time in the schools and even though I'm not teaching right now...I've got the itch. In true teacher fashion I thought I would do a little bit of a progress report for Eva. It's never too early to start assigning grades to your child's accomplishments ;)

Language Arts: Eva is quite a chatty girl, uttering phrases such as "Bah Bah Bah" and "Dah Dah Dah". I'm workin' on "Mah Mah Mah" with her....she hasn't caught on yet. She has forgotten about her pterodactyl squeal, but instead chooses to make noise by uttering "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", sounding a bit like a native singer at times. I think she really likes to hear her own voice and will do it the car while we are driving just to hear how the car vibrations change it.

Almost two months ago, we started teaching Eva baby sign language. We haven't made any progress yet. Steve and I do "All Done!" at the end of every meal or when she is whining to get out of her excersaucer. I also do "milk" with her every time I had her her bottle. I'm sticking with just these two for now until she starts to sign back. After that I will probably add "more" and "bed" to her repertoire.

Talking: A
Sign Language: B

Overall: -A

Physical Education: Eva hasn't started to crawl yet, but she is trying really hard to. When she is laying on her belly she will kick her legs really hard (she looks a bit like a frog), and she has been known to "skooch" her self forward with her arms in order to grab a toy. While sitting up, she puts one leg behind her, leans forward and pivots in a circle. It kinda looks like she is doing the splits.

I think she will be crawling in no time.
Overall: A+

Health: In the last few days, two lighter dots have appeared on Eva's lower gum....I think those teeth are coming soon! She had quite a whiney day yesterday. No real pain, but she was a bit of a grump. If those teeth are trying to break through, I don't blame her. But's pretty annoying.

Appearance of Teeth: A
Whiny-ness: D

Overall: B

Social Studies: Eva gets to see her friend Brooklyn all the time, and has really come to recognize and love him. They both get really excited to see one another and play very well together. Brookie likes to give Eva kisses. Steve likes to hold Eva up to Scott (Brooklyn's dad) and say "Eva, can you say "Papa-in-law?"

Budding Relationship Between Her Future Husband: A++

Home-Ec: We are starting to discover that Eva absolutely LOVES fruit. Any kind of fruit: peaches, pears, blueberries, strawberries, apples...she likes it all. Well except maybe bananas. Since she has acquired a love for sweet and tangy sourness, she has now decided that even though she previously enjoyed vegetables such as peas and beans, they are now "yucky". She scrunches up her nose and gives a little shudder when I put them in her mouth. She is a good girl and will still eat them all, just with many yucky faces and shoulder quivers mixed in. I mix them with a spoonful of applesauce so she will eat them. She has also tried chicken for the first time and liked it. It was mixed with sweet potatoes (one of her faves), so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

Overall: A

Science: Eva is a working on a science experiment called "How Many Rolls Can a Baby's Leg Handle?". So far her hypothesis has proved 5 per leg (including back of the knee), but I think she's made a break through and is working on squeezing in the 6th.

Overall: A
('cuz they're just so dang cute!)

So overall, a pretty dang good report card. 'Atta girl Eva...All A's and B's! You're taking after your Momma.

*As I post this, Eva is in her jumperoo staring forlornly out the window, only glancing back to give me dirty looks. I don't think she's too happy about that D I gave her. Classic Eva dirty look:
"How could you give me a D Mommy?!"


Eva's Dissapointed Father said...

Steve's Report Card for Eva:

Language Arts: Well seeing as "Bah" and "Gah" aren't real words, and her "sign language" is her parents waving her arms around...
Talking: C (Just for effort)
Sign Language: F (Cause you're not doing anything)

Physical Education???
What the frick? She sits, and eats. If she wants to move she just whines until you do it for her.
Phys. Ed: Freaking F--
Lazy girl!

Well, she's obese. Look at her science experiment. 5 rolls.
Health Grade: F

Social Studies:
Well, Eva doesn't know a damn thing about Canadian History. She couldn't even point to Canada on a World Map. How does she get an A?
S.S. Grade: D (Just because she can sing like a Native American and that's worth a couple points)

Home Ec:
I haven't even seen Eva open a package of food, much less cook anything. She hasn't boiled her own water, or baked her own cookies.
Home Ec.: F

If I can get 2nd place in my school for doing a "Fire" experiment, I guess this one is legit too.
Science: A+ (You can do it, I believe in you. You can get that 6th roll if you try hard enough!)

Overall: Failure

(Just kidding, I think she's the most wonderful and perfect human on the planet. Don't be offended, I'm just having fun.)

Anonymous said...

HA HA! I never thought to grade my kids report card style... how fun! I got a chuckle out of Daddys report above too! And LOVE the last pic of her, how stinkin cute!

Kindra said...

Thanks! I wanted to do an update for my family, but thought this would be a lil more interesting to read :) And yes...somewhere along the way, her Daddy turned into a drill sergeant I guess.

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