Jacob & Lily

Steve and I had an absolutely fabulous weekend. A friend that Steve went to bible college with is part of a band called Jacob & Lily and they are just incredible. They are touring Canada right now, and Steve contacted Karla ("Lily" of Jacob and Lily) and asked if they would come to our town. So Steve put on a house concert in a friends unfinished basement, and about 20 of our friends came and it was so intimate and wonderful and perfect. Their music is folk...Karla plays guitar and sings and her voice will blow you away, and Caleb is the drummer and he plays this awesome box drum that is called a Cajon.

We offered to cook them supper. I was excited to put my cooking skills to use and whip up an amazing dinner, but early on (while cutting up potatoes), I got a little carried away and just about chopped the tip of my thumb off. Yep...it was pretty gross. It probably could use a stitch or two, but I've got my trusty band-aids and they seem to be doing the trick. Needless to say, I didn't cook....just barked orders at my husband and friend Richelle. Well, not so much "barked" as "told them nicely". Luckily I had chosen an easy meal (Roasted Salmon with Sweet 'n' Hot Mustard Glaze), so it was easy to explain what to do next.

After dinner, our friends started filtering in and we all piled into Scott and Richelle's basement and took over their couches, chairs and cement floor.

It was perfect. Jacob & Lily were amazing.

My baby thoroughly enjoyed the music, and even though it was WAY past her bedtime, she was happy, tapping her feet, bouncing up and down and waving her arms to the music.

We were lucky enough to have Karla and her husband Gary, and Caleb stay in our driveway in their 35 foot motorhome. My husband cooked them a big delicious breakfast in the morning and we had a Dr. Mario showdown and Karla kicked all our asses. I'm usually the butt-whipper at that game, but was seriously sucking with my nasty severed thumb. Not really severed...just "cut really bad". So it made me suck. That's my excuse.

Jacob and Lily are making their way around west and central Canada and should be back through our area in August. We will DEFINITELY host another show for them when they are in our neck of the woods again. Check out their tour schedule on Myspace and go see them if they are in your area. Just incredible. You won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

thanks Kindra - we miss you and Steve much. Me and Gary are very busy mastering "Journey to the Promised Land" and are very ready to eat Steve's breakfast again. The pictures are great - just might use a couple! Hope you are well.


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