Crafty Bibs

I've continued to work on those bibs I started making the other day. I've enjoyed working on them so much. So much so, that I can barely put them down. As soon as I finish one, I've started another. I spent all day yesterday and a couple hours this morning working on these two little gems.

I decided to give them to friend at church who just had a baby boy. My sister-in-law gave me her sewing machine, but it's from like 1940 or something so I couldn't get it working. She's out of town for the week, so I'm going to have to wait until she gets back so she can get this ancient piece working for me.

Ignore our extremely cluttered garage.

I really wanted to give these bibs to my friend on Sunday, so I didn't have time for my sis to get back. I decided to sew everything by hand. There was a bit of trial and effort on my part. This is what the neck originally looked like on the back ...

It's hard to see, but it looked CRAPPY.

...until I decided that it looked to shoddy for me to continue. I had worked on these for hours so far and I wasn't going to let that go to waste to have them look REALLY homemade. There's homemade and then there's HOMEMADE...I didn't want it to look crappy, so even though I had spent 45 minutes sewing this part by hand, I ripped it all out and started again doing something different. I'm SO glad I did, because now it looks like this.
I love that instead of the back being super hideous and "oh don't look there, that's just the back" it's reversible. Here's the back of both bibs (I made the back the opposite color of the front of the bib).

And here's a closer look at the detail on the front.

Sorry these colors aren't really accurate. I used the exact same material for both the watermelon and the airplane and yet the pics look totally different. The airplane is the more accurate color version.

Here's my little gift packaged up and ready to go to my friend.

You know, it's been so long since I've created something with my hands...that started as an idea in my head and then the finished product looks EXACTLY like what I imagined. Creating is making me so happy. It's been awhile.


Jacqueline Reimer said...

your my hero ♥ i love these!

Kindra said...

Thanks so much!

Vanessa said...

Awesome bibs and that sewing machine is sooooo cool. If you continue to feel crafty and feel like selling your stuff, you may want to check out etsy. It's an online store and anyone with handmade gifts can sign up to be a vendor. It's pretty cool and I think you'd do well on there.

Vanessa said...

forgot to leave the web address, although it's pretty obvious:

Kindra said...

Thanks for the encouragement Vanessa. I've actually been considering for the last little while of opening up an etsy shop. Once I make a bunch of bibs as gifts I want to see if I can make a bunch more, make some prints of my art and maybe paint a little?..then open up a shop. I was actually wondering if you have an etsy shop for your knitting?

Vanessa said...

I don't have an etsy shop for my knitting. Most of the stuff I make is for gifts and that takes up most of my time. Plus, a lot of the patterns I use have copyrights...maybe if I start designing my own stuff I could sell it on etsy...I'd love to sell baby hoodies made from some of my handspun yarn!

Kindra said...

Baby hoodies from handspun yarn would be amazing!

Brooke Stromsmoe said...

I love them Kindra! I make crocheted baby blankets and fleece taggie blankets and I'm working on a pattern for fleece toques. I too would love to get into some sort of business, but can't seem to get this ship off the ground. Maybe some encouragement? Maybe a sewing get-together?

Anyways, my point is that I love the bibs.

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