My Baby's Got Teefs!!

Look at that little chomper! (Click on the picture and it will show up bigger)
The other one right beside it is on it's way up as well. Still no crying on the teething front. Steve and I have been so blessed.

And look! She's crawling too.

She's scooting herself all over the place now. She has also discovered how to sit up. She can go from lying on her back, flip over to her tummy, and then sit up on her bum. The only thing she has to learn now is how to watch out behind her. Yesterday she shimmied her way under the piano bench and then got stuck. It was so cute! Listen to me as I laugh at her misfortunate shimmy.


Carla said...

It's crazy how fast they learn and grow isn't it?

Vanessa said...

Poor kid! Too bad they never think it's as funny as we do. I love the new camera...the quality of your photos is amazing.

Jules said...

to cute! Gage always gets stuck under the kitchen chairs lol! They grow up so quickly

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