Photo Challenge Friday - Week 2

This week's photo challenge focus is ISO and Shutter Speed. This required a lot of playing around with my settings to achieve a proper picture. I still don't fully understand what I'm doing, but I'm getting there.

The Sink Test:

Even though I had great light coming in through the kitchen window, I had to bump my ISO way up to 1600.

1/60 sec exposure time

1/500 sec exposure time

For this one, there just wasn't enough light coming in once I bumped up the shutter speed. My ISO was up all the way, so the only way I found to remedy it was to over-expose my photo to +2 step. This is the part I don't understand...why did this work? Meh, the photo looks cool. The other thing I had to do, was adjust the brightness in a photo editing program. It was just too dark otherwise.
1/1600 sec exposure time

This one I just wanted to see how different bumping up the shutter speed all the way would be. It really isn't that much different than 1/1600, but you can definitely tell that there was a lot more "camera noise" since the picture is so grainy.
1/4000 sec exposure time

I was curious to know what would happen if I had a really slow shutter speed, so even though it wasn't part of the challenge, I did it anyway.

I set my camera right on the edge of the sink, so there was no movement on my part. I didn't have to overexpose these; because my shutter speed was so low, there was enough light coming in and I could just have the exposure balanced.
1/3 sec exposure time

For this guy, I did a much slower shutter speed. I was getting SO much light coming in that I turned down my ISO to 100 and underexposed the photo to -2 step.
5 sec exposure time

Yep, this is a fun challenge. I'm starting to understand about light and speed and aperture....I'm definitely going to have to keep playing around. Try this challenge this week and tell me what you thought of it. Was it fun? OH...and what did you think of the last challenge?

Next challenge is all about White Balance. Should be good.


Jules said...

wow I really like the outcome of your shots! I have to do my 3 rd week hopefully sometime today... I am getting way behind! Looks great anyways...

Anonymous said...

very cool photos! I esspecially like the last one! I wonder how you could use that?? hmmm... anyhow, I thought I'd tell you too, I changed my photo blog to here... :)

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