Photo Challenge Friday - Week 1

If you are looking for a post on our Vancouver trip just scroll down a bit. This is gonna be all about Photography.

I LOVE my new Digital SLR camera. Love, love, LOVE it. But the problem is, I actually don't know much about it. ISO, aperture, shutter speed...I get the gist of it, but not how to properly use them or set them. So, I'm taking a "12 Weeks to Better Photo's" Challenge. I have 3 friends, plus my husband who are going to join along with me. I learned about it from Dallas, and Jules and they've already started the challenge weeks ago. So here I am to catch up.

The challenges are geared towards DSLR camera's, but you can join along if you have a point and shoot digital camera. I think there are only a couple of weeks that you might not be able to try. So won't you come along for the ride with me?

The first week of the Photo Challenge is all about Basic about Week 1 here. It's worth it to download the PDF files and read through them. The reading is short but informative.

I loved this challenge. Aperture is such a great way to make your photo interesting. Here are my photo's for this week:






What, you don't like my subject? Doesn't everybody have daisies sitting around in a wineglass on their driveway?

Steve was inspired by my driveway daisies, and opted for some headphones on the tree in our front yard. Here are Steve's photos:






Richelle said...

Good job guys! I am in the process of doing mine right now...I am kinda behind. I am really pumped about the whole thing.

Kindra said...

Thanks Richelle! Nope, you're not behind at all. I'm posting the challenge every Friday so we have all week to get it done. I just had the time and experimented already. I find I use this technique ALL the time now! I just wish I understood ISO and shutter speed to get it turn out the way I wanted it too all the time :)

photo challenge said...

I just created a blogger blog so I would have a place to post my photo challenge pics.

photo challenge said...

Oh..this is Richelle by the way

Anonymous said...

great job to both of you on challenge 1! I can't wait to see the rest of your pics for the upcoming challenges!

Jules said...

looks great! Looks like you picked a great camera to get cause the shots come out great!!

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