Put Your Best Face Forward

Welp....we're home!

We had an absolutely fabulous time on the west coast. I won't delve into the details yet of how great the trip was and what we did, but I will say that our baby was an ABSOLUTE DOLL the entire time. I'm not kidding. So let me take a moment to brag about her :)

Eva was such a trooper our whole trip. I'm sure the people who were stuck sitting beside us on the plane were rolling their eyes and thinking "Oh great...a baby", but she was so good. We gave her a bottle when we were ascending and descending so her ears wouldn't pop (which is the great advice I got from this site.) She babbled and flirted with the other passengers and won their hearts over, so most people exclaimed "She was so good!" as we filtered out of the plane.

We rode everywhere by transit, we were sight-seeing, visiting family...and all the while she slept perfectly in her stroller when we needed her to, she was happy and bubbly every time she met new family and she never once got super cranky...even when she had a massive diarrhea poo explosion on Commercial Drive and we had to walk 15 blocks to get to a Starbuck's bathroom to wipe the disgusting amount of slimy poo off her body. Yep...she was still happy.

Okay, enough gushing about how great my baby was. Onto some pictures.

I experimented with my camera when we got there and photographed Eva by the duck pond that was outside our patio door. I just love these photos of her.

Eva has really changed a lot in the last week since we have been gone. One little snaggle tooth has poked it's way through her bottom gum (without a stitch of pain or crying!), even though she isn't crawling yet she is quite mobile, she has new silly sounds everyday and an array of goofy faces. Here is just a sample of the new Eva faces.

The introspective "Thinker"

The "Muncher"

The "Oh, What's That?"

We dubbed this one her "Fat Face". She's really good at pressing her chin to her chest and puffing out her cheeks...it makes her look fatter than she is.

Oh and this one's "I'm Sick of Sight-Seeing"...also known as "The Glare Down"

This is the "My tongue is the coolest thing in the world" face...she pretty much never stops doing this one. Literally.

Oh and this one's brand new! We call it the "Sassy Face"

It's got some variations though. She does this one if she's being cranky and exaggerating how cranky she is.

And this one she does to show how cute she is. She will do it sometimes if you are smiling at her...she gives you this winning face back. (And check out those little teeth!)

Here's simply "What?"

The "Stare Down"

I don't even know what to call this one, but it sure makes me giggle.

And lastly..."The Rockstar"

I'm sorry about this long, gushy post. Can you say brag much?


Steve Birss said...

That pic with you eating breakfast and Eva making that stupidly cute face is just priceless. I laugh out loud every time I see it!

Erika. said...

Yay for sweet times on the coast and a happy baby! The photo quality of your new camera is amazing!!!! I love the first couple ones of Eva by the duck pond. What camera did you get? SLRs are the bomb.

Kindra said...

Thanks Erika! It's a Canon Rebel XT. We got a sweet deal on it since that line of camera is discontinued.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Eva is such a cute baby, and your photography is awesome!

Jules said...

love all the silly faces :) looks like you are enjoying your new camera!! I love playing with mine! I really should be packing but I had to come check out your pics! To cute... And gotta love it when the babes are angels for ya hey :)
ttfn Jules

Mandy said...

Hey Kindra! Glad to hear you had a safe trip and that Eva was a good baby. She's so cute!

Kindra said...

Jules and Tarilie - I totally appreciate the encouragement. I want to get better at photography, but I think having a much better camera is half the battle.

And thanks for commenting Mandy. Eva and I are actually heading to Wilkie for a week to visit Dad, and we were hoping to come out your way. But sadly, it's a bad week for Dad to be taking time off. Hopefully we will make a trip there soon though. You need to meet this little goob in person! And I need to meet yours as well :)

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