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Oh bother. I enjoy my time at home with Eva so much, that the 5 hours a week I spend at Lenscrafters selling glasses is a big chore. I might even go so far as to say a sacrifice. I've been selling glasses for 2 years as a part time job and I'm dang sick of it. If I have to work, I'd much rather be teaching. But alas, my teaching certificate has yet to come in the mail and the school year is almost over.

It's kind of a strange story how I became a teacher. All throughout my time in school, the idea only crossed my mind when I had a great teacher or a creative lesson...."hmmm...If I ever become a teacher I'd do something like that." But I didn't actually consider being one. I always wanted something creative and artsy. Like for a while I wanted to be an interior designer....and then I changed to a makeup artist....and then it was a clothing designer. And when I graduated school and applied to art school I was going to be a graphic designer. Two years in art school taught me there was WAY more to art than I thought, and I actually hated graphic designing. When I graduated my program there, it was like "what now?"

I searched around for my options until I found a University which offered a combined degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education. I figured I could get my BFA and if I didn't become a self-sufficient artist or didn't want to work in an art gallery I'd always have a teaching degree to fall back on.

That summer I was living with my step-dad. I had never found a church I had liked in that city and could never seem to find time to go since I was always working Sunday mornings. My boss at Tim Horton's invited me to come with her to the Saturday night service at her church. They were having a special speaker from the UK. Turns out it was a woman who was gifted in prophetic words and after a very brief message, she and her team went around praying for people in the church and speaking words of prophecy over them. I had never experienced this or even seen it, and I was intimidated but wanted to know if I was doing the right thing by going into teaching. She finally came up and prayed for me. She blew me away when she started to tell me things about my relationship with my boyfriend at the time, and spoke words over that. If you've never had someone speak prophetically into your life, it is an absolute give from God and will blow your mind to pieces. I sat crying and contemplating what she had told me. I knew the relationship with my boyfriend had to end and she had just confirmed it.

As the night went on I was still feeling antsy about teaching. Was I doing the right thing? Was I making the right decision for my future? I stayed after the service with a friend and had juice and cookies while we chatted with some of the team from the UK. My disappointment was high because nothing had been spoken to me about teaching and my friend and I were ready to leave. As we walked to her car, this lady came running out after me "Excuse me!! Excuse me!! Can I just talk to you for a minute?" She asked as she looked directly into my eyes.


"Yeah." She said. "I kept looking over at you tonight and I felt strongly that God has some words for you. I just didn't find the time to tell you until now. Will you come inside so I can pray for you?"

"Okay" I replied as my heart pounded. What could God possibly have for me? This woman and another lady from her team started praying over me and I immediately started crying. The intensity of the moment was too much. She started to tell me she saw a vision of me with kids....older kids and younger kids.....they were doing art and I was teaching them. She said God wanted me to have peace in my decisions. I was going to be a positive influence to kids.

I couldn't stop crying. These women didn't know me from a hole in the ground and no one knew my unrest about going into teaching. This was fully and completely 100% from God.

I was supposed to teach art. To kids.

And now I do. And it makes me so happy I could burst. I feel utterly and totally fulfilled when I am doing it. There is no other career in the world that I would want.

...that dang teaching certificate better come soon.


steve said...

I love this story!! I am always so encouraged when I hear it. i love you!

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