Yep, just totally awesome...

I just wanted to saw how awesome God is.

It isn't a secret that Steve and I don't have much money. Our entire marriage we never have. I have always been a student with student loan debt and Steve has been the breadwinner with a government paid social services job (read: paid diddily squat).

A couple months ago, Steve left the social services behind to pursue a career with the possibility of making more money and moving up. He got into carpentry. The guy he works for pays him by the jobs he completes. We were told that for the first month he probably wouldn't make much because he's just learning how to do the work, but after that he has the potential to make REALLY good money. We stuck it out and even when he would bring home a $300 pay check we kept saying "it will get better. In a couple of weeks you will be making good money." We also felt like God had led Steve to this new job and we figured He wouldn't do that to let us just flounder.

When the first month passed and he still was making sometimes $2 an hour, we started to get worried. Another week and another week would pass and we were getting downright scared. The end of the month bills were coming and a measly little paycheck was the only thing we had coming our way. We got scared and Steve even went for a job interview somewhere else. The guy wanted him to start the following week, so we had that much time to pray about it. We prayed, we were trusting that God would take care of us, and lead us in the right direction. God takes care of the birds and he loves us much more, we would remind ourselves. We felt God was telling us to have peace about Steve's current job...and to trust Him. Okay God...if you say so. But if you are going to get us through this it's going to have to be a miracle.

The following day we received a $1000 anonymous check. What?! That covered all our bills for the end of the month and gave us the peace that our baby was going to have formula and we were going to have food in our bellies. Literally the following day, Steve started making between $15 and $20 an hour! And it hasn't stopped since. God has been so good to us, and all it required was a little faith (or a lot in our case :) Our little family is important to Him.


Vanessa said...

Amazing. Your story is really inspiring and I hope to hear more good news!

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