No Organs Please

Tonight is FINALLY our Swiss Fondue for Secret-Secret Geography Club. I am so excited about Swiss Cheese fondue, Swiss Chocolate fondue, and the oil fondue I think I may just pee my pants. We were actually supposed to get together last weekend, but a mutual friend of all of ours was getting married the same night. So of course, we went to his wedding instead.

But it still kind of ended up being like Secret-Secret Geography Club. Our friend is Ethiopian, so the dinner was mostly Ethiopian food. Steve and I have never had it before, so we both scooped each of the Ethiopian dishes on to our plates to try.

There were these big sponge-y crepe things called injera that you use to eat your meal with. The entire meal is eaten with your hands, so you rip off a piece of injera and scoop up the other dishes with it. It was slightly sour. The dish I liked best was like a beef curry, but I just went on wikipedia and found out it was called a wat and it is more like a stew. It had flavors similar to an Indian beef curry. There were also lamb ribs in a yellow sauce, but it was strange because there wasn't much meat on the was kind of just a big bone in some sauce. There were two other dishes I tried and didn't really was made of spinach and some kind of cheese, and the other was a paste, probably made of split peas or something.

I had tried a bite of all of these dishes (can't say I really liked them much), and I still had one more dish to try. It was this dark pellet looking thing, but Eva started getting fussy, so we took her out into the hallway and put her in her carseat to put her to sleep. We were probably away from our plates for a good 10 minutes or so, and by the time we got back our plates had disappeared. I guess they thought we were done with our food. I wasn't really digging the Ethiopian so I got a new plate, and took what little Canadian food was there. A fellow Secret-Secret Geography Club member, Dan, was there and he knows everything about everything, so he decided to fill us in on what was in the dark pellet-y looking dish.

"Did you try that dark dish that looked like little balls?" he asked us.

"No I didn't get to" I replied. "They took my plate away."

"Well be glad you didn't. It was made of lamb liver, stomach and lungs!"

I'm all for trying out new things and ethnic cuisine, but that is much too far for me! SO glad I didn't get a chance to try that one. God was lookin' out for me. Dan's wife Lisa did try it and said it tasted like the feces in a barnyard. Blech.

Needless to say there's no animal organ at the Swiss Fondue tonight.


The Over-Thinker said...

Yup, I'm pretty sure even hot oil, chocolate and swiss cheese couldn't help liver, stomach and lungs.

How "meant-to-be" was it that they cleared your plate away??

Kindra said...

VERY meant to be!!

Mrs. Querido said...

lol...I thought gourmet palates thrived on "exotic" cuisine? Organs are too exotic for me as well! My husband loves Menudo...which smells awful and I can't even bring myself to try. I guess you had to grow up with it to truly appreciate its!

I love your descriptive writing..your blogs are so much fun to read!

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