A Plethora of Swiss Fondue

Was our Swiss Fondue everything I was hoping it would be? Yes. And more. I had never had a cheese fondue that was traditional Swiss. The cheese and wine/kirsch that is used to make the fondue is quite strong, but it was very good. We dipped bread, Italian sausage, and veggies. How good does that look?

Oh yeah. Cheesey goodness.

After we filled up on cheese and bread, we did an oil fondue with meats. I had never done an oil fondue before and it was so fabulous! It was my favorite fondue of the night. We had chunks of New York Strip Steak, sushi-grade Tuna, shrimp, cremini mushrooms and other veggies.

We each brought a few of our favorite sauces, so that once we had cooked the meats, we could dip them in flavor heaven. I brought a Thai Sweet Chili sauce which was my favorite on the shrimp, and Dan made all of his homemade. He made a delicious Wasabi-Lime butter that was fantastic on the tuna, homemade BBQ sauce which of course went well with the steak, and the best Teriyaki sauce I have ever tasted (and I don't normally like teriyaki). It tasted fabulous on the cremini mushrooms.

By this point I was so full, but we still had one more fondue to go! Of course we had to have chocolate fondue for dessert.

The whole meal from start to finish took about 3 hours, but it was one of the most incredible meals ever. When you are in the company of great friends with great food, 3 hours for a meal was so perfect and wonderful. I loved every minute of it.

The last time we played a game to decide the next country we played Kanasta. Steve and I really enjoyed learning this game, and requested we play again. This time Girls vs. Boys. Us ladies fought hard, but it was the boys who triumphed. Every time we have played a game to decide the next country, Dan's team ALWAYS wins and so does his country of choice. We have eaten Korean and Swiss food because of him (not complaining), but it was about time for someone else's country to get a chance to be sampled. The boys countries were Malaysia, South Africa and Argentina and my husband's choice was voted for...so next month: Argentinian food!


Jules said...

dont you just love fondue! My fav:) I would rather graze and just munch on good food all night then sit down and eat ONE big meal! Gotta love it! And so filling too...

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