Photo Challenge Friday - Week 4

Okay okay...I was slacking today. But in my defense I was hanging out with a great friend and sewing some new cushions for the rocking chair in Eva's room. But anyways, here's this weeks photo challenge.

This week focuses on the proper way to use a flash...ways that won't wash out your subject but actually work to your advantage to give you better pictures. The challenge requires going outside in both cloudy and sunny weather, so I have no pictures to show for myself yet. I'll be getting outside this week and posting my pics later on.

...which by the way, my dear hubby is 3 weeks behind already! I've been begging him to do his shutter speed "sink test". We don't have a window in our kitchen or any of our bathrooms, so he is going to have to do it outside. I want him to take pictures of me chucking buckets of water. But he's a busy guy and can't seem to get his butt in gear.

That's all I got folks.


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