Maaaah meeeee.....I have a suuuuur-prise for you!

This is the scene I came upon today when I went to get Eva from her nap:

Uh oh is right. Do you see the problem?

Look closely.

Yep, there it is. Poop.


Needless to say, I obviously didn't learn my lesson from the other night when I put Eva to bed in just a diaper and t-shirt. But TRUST ME....lesson learned. Cleaning up a crapload of smelly baby poop will make you put your baby to bed in a full body suit wrapped in saran wrap with a pad lock on her diaper.

I drew a bath and chucked her in. I removed all the poop, all the while Eva screaming at the top of her lungs.

But I've finally got a clean girl...

....and a crapload of poop to clean up.


Carla said...

I can laugh because I'm a mommy with a lil pooper too. Babies do the darndest things don't they? They're too smart for their own good.

Jules said...

oh my goodness... havent had to deal with this yet but I have had the poop's that go for an adventure out of the diaper and up the back and camp out in the hair :) so much fun hey!!

Vanessa said...

ick. I applaud you and your infinite patience with feces.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, that's too funny! I've so been there, fun times :)

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