Putt Putt

The other night my hubby realized he hadn't spent much time with me lately, so instead of going to his Men's Bible Study, he stayed home to hang out with me (he's so perfect :) As per usual, we shrugged our shoulders as to what to do with our evening together and surprise, surprise, we were going to watch a movie.

For those of you that have read The Five Love Languages (if you haven't you seriously should), you know that the love languages are Touch, Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation. My primary love language is Quality Time and more specifically Quality Conversation, and I actually feel it's quite ironic that when my husband wants to spend some quality time with me, we generally hanker down and watch a movie. No quality conversation there!

So as a little change, I decided to switch it up and suggest mini-golf for our evening together. He was a little surprised but up for the challenge. We strapped our baby into the baby back pack and had a fun little evening out.

He looked so dang cute golfing with Eva on his back.

I swear to you I had perfect form. I kicked some serious a**.

This was my little happy dance after doing only 2 strokes on a par 3 hole.

This was Steve's "I just beat Kin by a stroke" face.

Tallying up the scores. And the winner is....

ME! Ha!

That's right...I'm awesome.

To end off our perfect evening, my husband took me out for some much deserved victory ice cream. We split a brownie sundae.....mmmm....delicious.

So mini-golfing and ice cream....sounds like two teenagers out on a date. Well, I did kind of feel like a giddy little teenager out with my super hot boyfriend...only it was my super hot husband...with my baby strapped to his back :) Ah well, same diff.


Anonymous said...

haha, so cute! I agree, everyone should read 5 Love Languages. Speaking of that I obviously still have your book so hopefully I can come and return it next week sometime!

Carla said...

Fun! We are champions at the movie nights too. Hmmm, maybe we'll try the mini golf with the baby in the back pack thing.

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