Take Me Swimming Momma

Scorching heat + Flash Flood = the last two days.

Monday was a fabulous day and at 34 degrees a bunch of us mom's decided to get together with the kids and cool off. We headed to the outdoor spray park here in town. My baby is still freakishly afraid of water, so we didn't go into the spraying water much, but sitting in the grass catchin' some sun and chatting with the ladies was so relaxing.
There you can see the beginning of my almost 14 week baby belly hanging over my bathing suit...classy. I am determined to not be pasty white this year, so I figured it was perfect time to bust out the ol' bikini.

My baby also looked ridiculously cute in her little summer hat.
I love how she can barely see under the ruffles of her hat.

Our gorgeous (albeit sweaty) summer day was then turned to rain clouds today. We had booming thunder and then an absolute downpour of rain for probably an hour. It rained so hard the sky was white....and then became a flood. This is what our street looked like.

In our condominium complex there are probably around 20 units, and we were one of the ONLY lucky ones to not get a flooded basement. It got so bad that sewage was backing up into peoples basements. Looking out onto the lake of a street you could see the sewer bubbling and geisering every few minutes (that's what that ripple in the water is from in the last pic). Our city was eventually declared to be in a state of emergency and everyone was advised to not flush their toilets or run water. I watched people wade through the river of water on the street while my stomach churned thinking about all the sewage they were swimming through. I heard of some people in town busting out their canoes and canoeing down the street even! It was a crazy Canada Day.

We weren't sure if we should drive anywhere, but we were invited to a friends house for a Canada Day party. Luckily it was later in the evening and a lot of the water was gone from the streets already. It was a nice relaxing time with friends.

All in all, a soggy but nice Canada Day.


The Anonymous Reader Guy said...

It was a very strange Canada Day!!! But it was nice working that day because it wasn't bloody 39 degrees outside. Good times.
By the way, you look great in a bikini!! *wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more*

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